How to Use

Please ensure you follow our safety and how-to instructions carefully to avoid any issues along the way. Remember, if you have aquestion, please ask!

Quick Guide



Mix bottle A with bottle B. Always use gloves provided. Shake for 60 seconds


Section the hair into 4. Working from underneath, gently work the product through the hair. Ensure the hair is well covered. Always use entire contents. Your hair should be completely saturated. For shoulder length and longer hair, two or more packs may be needed.


Now start to work from roots to tips. Once hair is completely covered, place cling film over the hair. This generates heat and encourages the cuticle to open.


Once ColourB4 has been on the hair for 60 minutes, begin to rinse for 5 minutes (or 10 minutes if you have long or thick hair) using warm or hand hot water.


Once rinsed apply half of the bottle C (Buffer). Work through the hair, the same as a regular shampoo. Now, rinse for a further 5 minutes. Apply the second half of bottle C (Buffer). Repeat with a 5 minute rinse


Now check the results in natural daylight after drying. Repeat the process for up to three times in one day for stubborn, dark and very old dyes in the hair.

Full Instructions


  • Conduct a patch test as below
  • Conduct a strand test as below
  • Apply ColourB4™ to dry hair
  • Make sure you protect your clothing
  • Never use metal combs or bowls
  • Ensure all products used are plastic
  • Always wear the gloves provided
  • Remove jewellery before use
  • Always use hand hot water


Before you ColourB4™ it is strongly recommended to achieve the best possible removal that you start with clean dry hair. We recommend that you wash your hair twice with a clarifying shampoo to remove product residue and silicone build-up from the cuticle. This will help to prevent ‘patchy colour’, root glow and colour build-up.

Next Steps

Repeat the process for up to three times in one day for stubborn, dark and very old dyes in the hair.

Hair longer than shoulder length or very thick hair may require 2 packs


Remove applicator nozzle from Part B (Remover) and pour in entire contents of Part A (Activator). Shake for 60 seconds. If you prefer to apply ColourB4™ with a tint bowl and brush, you can do so (at this stage) by pouring the mixed contents of the applicator bottle into the bowl once mixed


Begin applying the mixed ColourB4™ (from the applicator) onto the areas of the hair which need hair colour correction. In addition you may find it easier to squeeze small amounts of product into the (gloved) palm of your hand and apply with finger tips. Use a large toothed plastic tangle comb to separate sections and ensure even distribution of ColourB4™. Working from underneath, gently work the product through the hair. Ensure the hair is well covered. Always use entire contents. Your hair should be completely saturated. For shoulder length and longer hair, two or more packs may be needed.


Once evenly applied, process for 60 minutes. It is at this stage the artificial hair molecules are being shrunk. You must ensure the room is not cold and there are no drafts. A cold environment will slow down the rate ColourB4™ is able to shrink those artificial colour molecules. A good tip is to cover the hair in cling film. This will trap the heat and accelerate removal.


Once the 60 minutes processing time has elapsed, the hair will now be ready for the rinsing stage. It is at this point the artificial colour molecules will have shrunk and be capable of being flushed from the hair. Remember these colour molecules are still present within your hair! Begin rinsing with warm water for a minimum of 5 minutes for shorter and fine hair and 10 minutes for longer and abundant hair. You will find the whole rinsing process more comfortable if you stand in the shower to rinse the hair. Ensure you keep directing the water into your hair and running your fingers through it to release those colour molecules. Use a mobile phone or alarm clock to time your rinsing. The longer and thicker your hair – the more you should rinse.


After you have rinsed the hair for at least 5 minutes, apply half of the contents of Part C Buffer. Lather up well and leave for 1 minute to absorb. After this minute has elapsed continue rinsing the hair with warm water for a further 5 minutes.


Finally apply the second half of Part C Buffer, lather and rinse just as you would a regular shampoo. After all traces of the Buffer have been successfully rinsed from the hair you may conclude and dry.


Apply half the bottle of conditioner to wet hair, combing through from roots to tips and leave for 3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly, then apply the remaining amount, combing through from roots to tips and leave for a further 3 minutes and rinse thoroughly.


Mix a pea sized amount of Part A and an equal amount of Part B. Using a cotton bud or tissue apply a dab of the mixed product behind the ear. Remove after 24 hours with water and a cleanser. Remove immediately if irritation occurs. If irritation or a reaction is apparent do not conduct a ColourB4™ application.

Hair Strand Test

View your potential results before you apply the entire contents. If you wish to preview results (prior to full head application) conduct a strand test using a small section of hair no more than a centimetre in width. Mix equal parts of A and B (in pea sized amounts) and apply with a cotton bud or tissue to segregated hair. Fully saturate and leave to develop 60 minutes. Rinse for five minutes, dry and check result. DO NOT APPLY PART C BUFFER to hair when strand testing as it could affect results of a subsequent whole head application of ColourB4™

Cuticle Staining

Whilst ColourB4™ can reverse and remove the artificial pigment molecules deposited inside your hair, it cannot remove cuticle staining. High fashion colours such as blue-black, red, purple, green etc can all stain the cuticle and make removal much harder. Some standard red shade permanent hair colours also rely on cuticle staining to achieve their result. Hair colourants which contain Henna also stain the cuticle and cannot be removed by ColourB4™. Herbal and plant based colours may also use Henna derivatives which ColourB4™ will be ineffective at removing. Always check your previous method of hair colouring prior to using ColourB4™.

What ColourB4™ Cannot Do?

ColourB4™ can only remove artificial pigment from the hair. If your hair has been subjected to high lifting tints or bleaches your natural pigment has been lightened and altered. It will not be possible to restore your natural hair colour pigment by using ColourB4™. In these instances (and if your original natural colour is desired) you should re-colour your hair (initially) using a semi-permanent hair colourant which is one shade lighter than your original colour.

In addition, all permanent and even semi permanent hair colourants may contain peroxide. Even when a very dark or black result has been achieved, your own (natural) hair colour may have been lightened. Although most permanent hair colours (when darkening) only lighten by a tiny amount, there are some colourants which contain higher strengths of peroxide and lighten much more. If your hair has received multiple colour applications (either from permanent or semi-permanent products) it may have been exposed to peroxide on more than one occasion. Therefore (once you have successfully removed your unwanted hair colour) you may notice a warm, brassy or even copper tone to the hair – which is often more predominant near the roots (due to heat from the scalp accelerating the previous colour). This can be remedied by applying a temporary hair colour in your desired shade. If you wish to stay at the revealed lighter level but want to eradicate the warm tone, simply apply an ash toned temporary hair colour one shade lighter than your desired shade. For results that are too warm for example honey or gold use a violet purple shampoo or for more intense coverage a red neutralising ash based toner. This counteracts the brightness of the gold or yellow hair colour.

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